LT1 Camaro / Firebird / GTA
High-Performance Fuel Pump System with Optional Plug n' Play Harness
Fuel Pump Kit
  • Application-specific Racetronix / Walbro HP pump (suitable for normally aspirated and forced induction applications)
  • Racetronix custom Walbro-GM Teflon in-tank harness
  • High-pressure non-kinking 'Flex' fuel tube
  • New Push-Lock fitting
  • Stainless gear clamps
  • Custom Racetronix 30 micron high-flow fuel sock (factory was 70 micron)
  • Assembly adhesive & lubricant included
Wiring  Harness
  • Plug & Play (no soldering or crimping required)
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Heavy 10 Gauge stranded copper wire
  • Tyco 40A waterproof silver-contact relay
  • Waterproof fuse holder w/SS hardware
  • Alternator-direct hookup for maximum performance
  • Silicon grease, spare fuse, wire ties included
  • Body ground upgrade with brass battery nuts *
  • PnP compatible w/ MSD or KB Pump Booster *
* optional
The Racetronix fuel pump assembly is custom designed to replace the factory pump. The factory fuel bucket is kept in the tank so there is no fuel starvation under heavy acceleration or cornering. A factory style fuel line does not kink like rubber hose or degrade as quickly with today's high octane pump gas or race fuel.

Other pump kits require you to remove the bucket which can easily cause damage your motor from detonation.
Simple voltage and current tests show the heavy loss in factory wiring and the dramatic increase in pump performance with the Racetronix Plug & Play harness! Voltage differential increases to over 2 volts with increase in line pressure / pump current draw @ W.O.T. This equates to as much as a 30% increase in pump volume based on Walbro specs and Racetronix flow tests!
Alternator-direct power provides the highest possible operating voltage to the fuel pump. A weatherproof fuse holder simply mounts with stainless hardware.
Weatherproof relay securely mounts hidden under car on factory bolt. No holes to drill!
C4 relay mounting postiion - yes this car is dirty!
Plug the Racetronix harness into the factory harness and go! No cutting or splicing required! Plug & Play compatible with Racetronix Pump Booster which provides up to an additional 30% more pump performance.

Why use a Racetronix F-LT1 Fuel Pump Assembly?

The LT1 F-body cars have a pump that is inside a plastic fill-bucket. The fill-bucket's inlet and check-valve system  in combination with the fuel pump are designed to draw fuel from the bottom of the tank via suction. This keeps the bucket full at all times and the pump fully immersed in fuel regardless of the tank level so that when the tank is low on gas and you are doing some hard cornering or acceleration the pump does not run dry and start aerating (air bubbles) the fuel. This happens as the fuel sloshes from side to side in the tank leaving the center low on fuel. The F-LT1 cars have minimal to no baffling in them. This can cause detonation and possible engine damage. The bucket also allows the car to operate with lower fuel levels in the tank due to its scavenging effect. The bucket can also effect motor cranking time as the priming time is reduced under certain conditions. The return line from the fuel pressure regulator is diverted back into the bucket via a filter sock inside so that the unused fuel also helps keep the bucket full at all times. Keeping the pump constantly immersed in gas within the bucket can extend the pump's life by not allowing it to be exposed to open air. Open air within the tank contains moisture and in time will cause the pump to rust / seize up especially if left to sit for long periods of time without the tank topped-up (i.e. winter storage). The Racetronix pump assembly is modified so that it will seal in the bucketís rubber check-valve so that its function is retained. The Racetronix pump assembly is fitted with a factory style fuel tube not a rubber hose. This hose is important as when the fuel module is placed back in the tank it must pivot which can cause the rubber hose to kink. This fuel tube is much more resistant to the solvents in todayís gas and it will not crack, split, swell and collapse like a rubber hose. The standard Walbro kit comes with a short length of rated rubber hose. The Racetronix fuel module is equipped with a one-piece wiring harness made from 14 gauge Teflon/silver wire. (upgraded from the factory's 16 gauge harness) This is the same type of wire used at the factory as Teflon is the most resistant to deterioration when exposed to gas. This harness has a Walbro connector at one end and GM pins at the other which fit directly inside the factory connector. Due to the age of the F-LT1 cars much of the in-tank connectors are black / corroded due to age. The Racetronix harness replaces all these questionable components. The standard Walbro kit comes with a plastic coated in-line wiring adapter. This adapter must plug into the existing questionable factory in-tank wiring thereby adding additional connections and length.


Walbro Fuel Pumps have set the industry standard in high-performance. Walbro pumps are QS9000 certified and are used as OE equipment in many production performance vehicles such as the C5 Corvette. Walbro's gerotor design is able to maintain high pressures while providing high volumes as well. This is done by squeezing the fuel out between two gears instead of pushing it like most factory vane pumps do. (i.e. factory C4 pump). This positive displacement design makes high-performance Walbro pumps small, light weight, quiet, efficient and reliable. The Racetronix F-LT1 fuel pump assembly uses a 255L/Hr @ 43.5PSI @ 13.5V (300KPa) rated fuel pump.


High performance fuel pumps need a good power source in order to perform to their full potential. On average a Walbro high-performance fuel pump requires twice as much power as a factory fuel pump. Factory wiring is just enough for a factory pumpís power requirements because manufacturers need to save cost and weight. Racetronix field tests have shown that running a high-performance fuel pump off of the factory wiring can cut pump performance by 30% or more. Problems with failing factory relays, connectors/terminals and fuse contacts are also common when excessive load is placed on them.

The Racetronix plug and play harness is designed to remove all fuel pump load from the factory pump circuits while providing the pump with a new heavy-duty power source. The Racetronix harness gets its power directly from the alternator's battery terminal. The voltage at the alternatorís output is typically 1-2 volts higher than at the battery when the motor is running (high charge/load conditions and WOT). This means that your Walbro high-performance pump can provide as much as 20% more fuel in some cases. The Racetronix harness uses high-quality automotive-grade wire which is resistant to oil, gas, heat and rot. The main length of wire in the Racetronix harness is ten-gauge stranded copper. This is three to four gauges thicker than factory wire which helps reduce resistive power loss to almost non-existent levels. This helps improve pump performance by as much as another 10-20%. High-quality weatherproof fuse holders and 40 amp silver-contact relays are used for maximum reliability. The Racetronix harness has factory-type connectors which plug directly into your fuel pump module/sender so no cutting or splicing is required. The Racetronix harness has a redundant ground upgrade as it is necessary to improve the harness on the negative side of the pump's supply as well.

Racetronix harnesses are considered the best by which all others are judged. Attention to detail in every Racetronix harness is evident at first glance. Racetronix spares no expense to ensure reliability, ease of installation and performance. 

All Racetronix harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. As with most Racetronix harnesses the FLT1-FPWH is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of an installation only to find that the manufacturer has skimped on installation hardware. This is why Racetronix supplies a spare ATC fuse, 25 black nylon wire ties, silicon grease and stainless mounting hardware with each kit.


An optional battery to body ground upgrade kit is available (P/N BGK8). This kit upgrades the under-rated factory ground wire running from the battery to chassis. It includes a crimped and soldered piece of flexible 8 gauge copper wire and battery nuts with accessory taps. We highly recommend this inexpensive option because this is a weak point in these cars.

The Racetronix harness comes equipped with an interface connector just after the relay (see product picture above). This connector in combination with an optionally supplied connector set (P/N PBIC) allows for easy plug and play addition of a pump booster / voltage amplifier such as the MSD or KB units. These voltage amplifiers / boosters will allow the Racetronix single in-tank pump system to support up to 700RWHP when run at 16-17 volts. This configuration offloads the excessive current draw placed on the factory wiring onto the heavy gauge Racetronix harness system. System diagnosis becomes easier by simply being able to unplug, isolate and bypass sections of the wiring system.


Harness Only
This kit contains the following:
  • FLT1-FPWH Plug & Play Wiring Harness
Fuel Pump Only
This kit contains the following:
  • FLT1-FPA Fuel Pump Assembly
Fuel System
This kit contains the following:
  • FLT1-FPWH Plug & Play Wiring Harness
  • FLT1-FPA Fuel Pump Assembly
  • Harness Body Ground Upgrade (optional)
  • PBIC Pump Booster Connector Set (optional)

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