Delphi / Bosch EV6
24 lb / hr

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GM Part Number 12555894(A)  (Bosch # 280 155 890) - THESE ARE NEW FACTORY LS1 INJECTORS

Top feed disc injectors use a small disc with six holes around its circumference. The disc rests on a short chimney that surrounds a metering hole. As the disc is raised off the chimney by magnetic force, fuel flows through the holes in the disc, over the walls of the chimney, and out the metering hole to form a full, finely atomized cone.

Performance advantages over pintle injectors (i.e. Ford / Bosch & Accel types) as listed by Delphi:
• The flat mating surface ensures that no excess fuel is present to evaporate and therefore, no deposits or clogging can occur.
Compatible with alternative fuels (i.e. E85, Methanol) 
• Longer service life
• High-speed disc action allows wider dynamic flow range for improved idling
• Quieter operation
• Revolutionary disc design resists build up deposits which can affect fuel flow.
• No Fuel leakage for quicker starts

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